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From the Spain For Pleasure blog

Learning a new language can be hard, especially as you get into the more advanced grammar and vocabulary. It can be very frustrating too, particularly if you feel like you’re making slow progress.  This is usually the point that most people give up on learning a new language, and Spanish is no exception. So if you want to get ahead of the game during lockdown and kick-start your Spanish learning, then try some of these techniques. Watch TV and Films in Spanish Whether you’re looking for blockbuster movies on Netflix, coverage of live tournaments on PokerStars TV, or a documentary to binge on any other streaming platform, there are countless movies and TV series available to us thanks to the internet. And this means it’s now easier than ever to access content in other languages. Many streaming services give you the option of turning on subtitles in different languages, while some even carry content in Spanish. Netflix’s most popular Spanish-speaking shows include Narcos, El Chapo and Money Heist (called ‘La Casa de Papel’ in Spanish). Once you’ve established an elementary level of Spanish, watching these shows makes for an interesting comparison of Spanish spoken in Spain and Spanish spoken in Latin […]